in the family

"Frankie does have a point," Billy told Newt who was editing some pictures of Liam to send to Amy's e-mail. The Albrights had been nice enough to let him know. Really, they were the ones who wanted to keep in touch with him instead of Amy.

"I know," Newt squinted back at Billy who was changing Liam's nappy on their bed. "I'm not expecting a thing from her, all right."

"Good." Billy wanted to believe him. "Even if she changes her mind, she'll just fool you, you know."

"I understand." Newt nodded. "Its not about me. It's Liam I'm worried about, you know. I just hate to see him have a complex about it, some day." Newt loaded the pictures up and sent them on their way in an e-mail.

"You are his father and that's all that's important." Billy cradled Liam close. It felt nice that Liam did let him hold him. He'd missed this with Leia. It really was a good feeling. About that time Leia came in just to see if she'd missed anything.

"Did you send her pictures of me?" She tugged at Newt's sleeve then and she climbed into his lap to see what was on the computer screen.

"Yes, of course." Newt smiled and clicked on the photos to enlarge them so she could see.

"Do you think she'll like to see me and Liam, too?"

"I should hope so." Newt told her.

Billy looked at them both. Really, he wished Newt wouldn't encourage Leia to even think about her mother. He was certain no good would come of it.


Cait said...

This is good for Billy to take care of an infant. I know he's so protective of Leia, though.

ellie said...

its so cool to see them together like this.