in the order of things

Josh had taken it upon himself to make as many calls as possible to keep everything in line for Newt and Liam with school and such.

"It will be quite all right if he cuts back the next few weeks here at the library, won't it?" Josh asked Jeremy.

"I suppose." Jeremy mentioned Jamie was taking on the bulk of the library work as it was. "I suppose we should come over some time to see the lad. You have any plans for a shower of some sort for the little one?"

"I dunno." Josh hadn't thought that far ahead. "I know we can get Liam into the school day care so there shouldn't be a problem for Newt getting back to his revisions and the like. But a party, no, perhaps Simon is better about those. But then again, well, you know how our last party ended. I don't think there will be alcohol."

"What you have to do is get a hold of Frankie," Jeremy nodded.

"Frankie?" Josh blinked. He hadn't thought of calling Newt's Foster mother. "Must I?"

"She'll need to know about Newt and her new Foster grand-baby, now won't she?" Jeremy gave Josh a pat on the back.

Josh wasn't looking forward to watching the shit hit the fan. It would be explosive if Frankie had a say in the matter.


fan fic said...

Frankie is scary.

cait said...

hahaha...shit hit the fan..good one.. yeah, I do wonder how she'll react to this.