it might be

Kelsy was beginning to wonder if she just came from a high strung family and if they didn't have to be so hostile, perhaps life would be easier. Perhaps thats what made her so mean as teacher. Really, she knew she needed to take it down a notch with this bunch. But there were just little hoodlums after all. She wouldn't trust the whole lot even if she could throw a stick and rock at them.

"Well, you have find a way to work around it," Colin's only answer as he was kneading the tension out of her shoulder after a long day.

"And how did yours go?" Word had it he was still battling the old hags over the No Smoking sign still. They just couldn't get it in their head to be healthy.

"Oh you know how it is," he just smiled. "Bad habits are hard to break." He took a moment to get the new menu to show her.

She looked it over. A rather simple menu. The basics none the less.

"It has to be to die for to bring them in, don't you see?" He explained.

"Oh, so that's it." Really, she didn't see nothing new with sheperd's pie or the fish and chips. Plain and simple pub food.


Kelsy just nodded as if she could go right to sleep.

"You really think you can bring a crowd back?"

He pulled her up from the kitchen chair and got cozy with her on the couch then. Perhaps that was what Kelsy needed most. Someone to be close to.

"Absolutely." He told her about the menu and found his smile next to her cheek.

"Tell me this won't end soon," Kelsy said as happiness and sadness swept through her.

"What won't end soon?" Colin squinted.

She intertwined her fingers with his.

"This." She nodded.

"Why should it?"

"Because its me, and I'm known to make everyone miserable. Or so I've been told." Kelsy remembered.

"Those were just stories, don't you know." And she felt his laughter next to her. Kelsy smiled then.


ellie said...

I like them together. Maybe Kelsy is growing up too.

Cait said...

I love that last line of his.