just right

Simon stumbled around in the dark kitchen trying to make sure the formula was the right temperature for Liam. Newt had him changed in a new diaper already.

"God, he's frightfully small." Simon stated as he looked at the wee little thing as Newt swaddled him up.

"He's the normal size, Simon." Newt informed him.

"Aren't you afraid?"

"Was," Newt took the bottle and sat down in the livingroom rocking chair to feed him. "But not so much."

Liam took the bottle right away and stared up Newt as if this was the only place he was meant to be.

"I envy you, I really do." Simon just watched.

"Why do you say that?" Newt just grinned.

"I don't see me at three in the morning feedings with my baby. Not if Kelsy can help it." Simon told him.

"You might be surprised. She could be calling just to get some shut eye. Would you want to feed him just now?" Newt was ready to hand over Liam to him.

"'Not right yet," Simon smiled. "I'm sure he needs the pleasure of your company at the moment, but I will. Promise."

"Promise?" Newt then yawned.

Simon nodded. He thought he should stay up just in case Newt fell asleep.


ellie said...

Oh..I think Newt can teach Simon a thing or two.

cait said...

I'm happy yet sad for Newt.