Maxie and Simon

"He's totally amazing," Simon wanted Maxie to come over. He so needed to see Liam. "He'll be grown before you know it. If you really want to check out a newborn, you should come over."

"Maybe," Maxie was being reluctant though.

"I don't get it, I thought you'd be here, already." Simon winced as he was trying his best to keep everything in its place in the kitchen before it got out of hand. Seriously, Newt was the cook here, but a messy one. As of late, Josh did more, but still not enough to Simon's standards. Especially, cleaning up.

"I do. Really, its just, um, I have a lot on my mind and you'd rather not want to talk about it." Maxie was being mysterious.

"I would. You know I would. You're my mate. What is it?"


"I do want to hear about it, go on," Simon prodded just as he scraped the last of the egg off the stove. What the hell had they been making? A late night snack, he supposed.

"No, you'd think I'd lost it."

"Is everything OK with Katy?" Simon suspected something was up with her.

"No. She's great."

"Great? You wouldn't be sounding like this if she was." Simon hated to inform him.

"Never-mind." Maxie sounded troubled.

"Please, you can tell me."

"All right, if you must know, its Ian." Maxie said quickly.

"Ian? So?"

"I- well, he kissed me." Maxie made it snappy.

"Oh, sounds like a drunk moment to me," Simon laughed.

"It wasn't."

"Really." Simon stood there in a bit of shock. "Well, are you all right?"

"Its fine. It was nothing."

"You don't sound fine." Simon told him.

"Well, it won't happen again. It won't."

"Of course," Simon didn't know what else to say, but he wasn't quite sure he believed him.


ellie said...

Its interesting Simon's take on this.

blue hearts said...

Simon and Maxie..best mates. For sure.