music is my girlfriend

Kelsy could just see her eight year old student being the mean boy. What was it? They had it in for music teachers? It was rather disturbing or so she was beginning to think. Was she that God awful?

She did have to keep the little buggers in line. None of this silly crap. They needed order and concise pressure if they were ever going to learn to read music and make the most of it. Or so she'd been told by the head mistress. It was a bit annoying having to be told this over and over.

Now she had a bunch of sleepy heads except for this Byron. A really pain in the arse, kicking about, sassing, getting out of line. There was a long lists of problems with the student.

"What is it!" Kelsey finally demanded. She'd watched that impish face well into the hour, and now the bell rang. She kept him back. He just wouldn't stop giggling and kicking about.

"You're gonna pop one out of you, ain't ya?" He shook all over in laughter.

"What!" She squinted. How did he know about that? Her figure was rather slender still. Not a baby bump in sight. She held her stomach suddenly. "What are you talking about?"

"A baby." He spit out and had a hearty laugh.

"And that amuses you?" Why couldn't she give him a slap on the hand with her ruler? Why in the world did they expect her to be so caring in this sort of profession?

"Its just you," he shrugged. "Aren't you a might young to be having a baby? Especially, when you're a rocker and all."

"A rocker?" Another one who knew of her days. Really, it was just a wee bit of time in her life. Probably not even a month, but yes, she did have them begging for more.

"You are going to be rocker, aren't you?"

"No." Kelsy said plain and simple. "Not at the moment."


"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't spread it around about the baby quite yet."

"I bet its that's drummer's in your band." Byron smirked.

"No." She scowled. "Its none of your business. Besides I'm married. All right."

"Hmm, guess you had to, did you?" He questioned as he got up to get his books.

"I wanted to." She told him.

"Yeah, Mrs. Dean." He sighed. "I love your songs. I miss Kelsy and the boys. You gotta come back, you know."

"Byron, that's enough." Kelsy sighed. She had no idea she'd be teaching one of her biggest fans.


ellie said...

I like the title to this one. Wonder if Kelsy wishes she hadn't given up her "rocker" image.

Anonymous said...

i liked the last sentence:)

keep writing


Justkyut said...

Hi Ivy! How are you? thanks for dropping at my blog. I'm a bit busy that's why I don't quickly reply to you. Keep up the writings...

Cait said...

Glad you got in the tossers..for sure..hahahahaa..what a teacher she is.