never again

"Is she really treating you right?" Jamie wanted to know about Kelsy. He'd came to check up on on Colin, or so Colin supposed. Perhaps it was a free lager or two at the bar.

"Yes, of course, she is." Colin smiled.

"And it doesn't bother you she's carrying another man's child?" Jamie kept staring at Colin as if he had to tell him the truth.

"No." Colin didn't want to go there. It was a wound that was well mended. He had to believe. "There honestly is nothing lost between them. It was long over before I came, a long, you know."

"And you'll treat it as your own?"

"Yes, of course." Colin thought so. "I mean, the father will want to play a part. I can't deprive him, completely, but it'll be quite good. I think. I want it to be."

"You say that now, but you don't know where it all may end up in the end." Jamie scowled as he took a sip of lager at the bar.

"I will be with Kelsy and..and he'd be with his partner. That's all there is to it." Colin could see that. It was the truth, but Jamie kept looking at him as if he might see something else, entirely.

"His partner?" Jamie squinted. "Who might that be?"

"Simon, Simon and Josh." Colin felt dizzy just saying Simon's name.

"From the library?" Jamie almost laughed then. "What the fuck?"

"It was quite possibly the immaculate conception." Colin smiled a little when he thought of an unconscious Simon with Kelsy. Of course, in Colin's dreams about Simon he was very conscious. "He was drunk." Colin then said. "Kelsy had her way with him."

"Strange." Jamie nursed his lager.

"Yes, quite." Colin left it at that as he went to fill a few orders. He had to keep these odd dreams about Simon to himself too. He didn't like that they'd happen. He didn't want them. He didn't. But there they were, slipping in to his sleep ever so often. More so than usual, lately. He knew nothing would never come of them. Never.


dapper kid said...

Ouch, Jamie is stirring things up a bit, that's not exactly the nicest question to ask. And I do wonder how active Simon will be in the baby's life.

Cait said...

Oh..I didn't know how Colin felt about Simon. Interesting. & well, Jamie is a bit protective..I suppose.

simon n josh said...

I so appreciate your comments.

Anonymous said...

nice blog:)

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