on the realm of disbelief

Newt was amazed. It was definitely life changing. He wanted to run around the hospital hallways saying, "It's a miracle! Its a miracle!" Because it was.

Liam was small, but sleepy. Not moody a bit with a nice head of dark hair. Really, he truly was a sight to be hold to Newt. He couldn't help but want to touch the top of his hair spiked up.

"He's a true punk rocker, aye," Billy teased while Newt held him up to the window of the hospital nursery all bundled up and cozy.

"Yeah, something like that." He felt sure they'd find something wrong with him, but they hadn't reported it yet. He was really quite beautiful.

"Amy hasn't held him." Newt then said.

"Well, she just gave birth," Billy shrugged.

"Yeah, of course, I'm sure that's it," he said, but he was afraid it wasn't.

Just then he saw Simon and Josh at the nursery window. Josh was holding Leia, who was all smiles and pointing at the baby. They brought gifts. Newt kept smiling. He was actually with his family. All of them, and he couldn't wait to introduce Liam.

Newt wondered what Amy would do to ruin it all for him.


ellie said...

I love the name Liam. It goes great with Leia.

dapper kid said...

Awww babies make everyone happy, and newborn hair is sooo soft and lovely :)

Cait said...

I so like the name. I'm proud of Newt too.

elliestories said...

So amazing. Honestly, it is.