Newt had to wonder just how generous Mr. Albright and his wife were. They didn't look like the type who'd want children. She was a bleached blond with botox lips. Newt wondered the last time she'd had a real emotion.

"I take it, Amy sees the doctors regularly?" Newt assumed while having a fancy brunch with them and Amy at their beach house.

"Amy sounds as if there'll be no need for it. Says she had her last little one on the kitchen floor." Mrs. Albright laughed.

"She hasn't told you about the trauma she suffered early on?" Newt asked.

"You know very well the baby checked out fine. Nothing to worry about." She glared at Newt.

"She was in a coma for sometime. It could have repercussions on the infant, you know." Newt went on to tell them the truth.

"Stop telling them lies like that, Newt!" Amy snapped.

"But its the truth. You do want to know what you're getting yourself into, don't you, Albright?" Newt continued his talk to them.

The couple just looked at each other and then at Amy. Newt got the impression that perhaps they weren't as certain of this situation as Amy had suggested.


Cait said...

I love Newt so much. You tell'm.

ellie said...

Newt has a way ..always..