"Aren't you going to even look at him?" Josh asked Amy who kept turned away from Josh and Liam in his hospital crib as she lay in the hospital bed.

"I think not." She gave him a swelled frown for a moment and turned back.

"I can't believe this?" Josh winced. "You have so much to be thankful for. He's perfect, you know. Completely, a beautiful baby boy."

"I don't care," she said coldly.

"Will you come home with us?" Josh then asked.

"Dunno." She barely said.

"But we live in your home. Its Leia's home. It should be yours too."

"No." She was bitter and still angry. "I can't go back there. I won't."

"All right," Josh nodded. "If you must have it this way, the Albrights wish for you to come back with them. See you through the days ahead. Would that do you well?"

"I want my laptop back." She just said.

"Its here." He had it in a laptop case, waiting for her.

"Fine." She looked at him then. "You can leave now."

He gave it to her and a sudden smile sprang across her face. Josh said no more. He supposed it was settled. She didn't want Liam.


dapper kid said...

Yikes, maybe she's suffering from Post Natal Depression?? I really do hope her mothering side comes out soon though.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend :)

Cait said...

How could she..oh well...at least Newt is there.

Cait said...

That amy. How could she. Well, it is Amy.