a small world

Simon could see Josh was happy to introduce him to the new shelver.

"I told him we'd chip in when we could," Josh was all smiles about it.

"You sound like he's royalty or something?" Simon looked at him blankly. "Why on earth would we help him?"

"You know Newt's out of pocket and lord knows how Lauren is working out these days. She's off with Fletch most of the time. Says they have a band to put together. High hopes for all the spring flings around." Josh told him.

"Possibly more like raves, but whatever," Simon fumed slightly. "What you're saying we've only got one shelver."

"I guess I am." Josh flinched slightly as they walked toward the rows of books. "So you see why we should help?"

"Right." Simon followed with his hands in the pockets of his tan dockers.

"There you are," Josh then said as he looked at the tall lanky sort who was looking at the titles of philosophy books. He looked up then. "Jamie, I was wanting you to meet Simon."

Simon couldn't help but stare at his dazzling eyes and his plush mouth. There was something oddly familiar about him.

"Simon, this is Jamie Dean." Josh then said.

Simon gritted a smile. "You're Colin's brother, aren't you?"

"How did you know?" Jamie cracked a smile then, giving Simon a handshake.

"Perhaps, just a small world." Simon nodded, doing his best to let it go. After all, Jamie was just Colin's brother.

"So you know him?" Jamie asked.

"We met." Simon didn't want to tell him how they'd met.


Cait said...

that jamie is getting around. he's just everywhere.

ellie said...

Everybody needs to know Jamie. heheheh...

taffy. said...

wow, the likable one!
just kidding.