such nonsense

Honestly, Josh didn't know how to explain this to Simon. But maybe he already knew. He was crush'n on Jamie.

"I knew it." Simon shrugged.

"You did?" They had some alone time together at home while Sasha took Leia for the night. "Nothing will happen, you know. I mean, he's got his mind set on Jeremy, anyway."

"So you say," Simon poured red wine for the both of them.

"Don't say it like that, now will you?" Josh was getting a little hot under the collar, so to speak. He was trying to be honest, after all.

"I can see the average puff would find the bloke attractive, you know." Simon sat back and sipped his wine on the couch.

"But not you?" Josh smiled.

"I'm not average," Simon said so seriously, but then cracked up. "Its just I know who he is, and you know how I feel about Colin. Well, I kind of overlook the side effect Jamie might have on others."

"But I think he's happy, you know, with Jeremy and well, we should all try to go out sometime. Perhaps a show, you know." Josh suggest as he drank his wine.

"Really?" Simon winced. "I just don't see it. I'd rather we didn't, you know."

"What?" Josh wasn't sure he understood Simon's attitude.

"Josh, have you not forgotten you were practically mixed up with Jeremy. I don't think Jamie would take that likely. Doesn't seem like the type who'd forget such nonsense."

"I see your point." Josh remained even lip and sipped his wine then. Perhaps it was just as well to stay away from Jamie, altogether, or was that really Simon's point from the get go?

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ellie said...

oh..simon..you do look out for Josh.