this time around

Why had Sasha let Rhys back in her life so suddenly? But here he was, back in her bed like old times.

He'd brought her tea in bed and that shocked her. She wasn't sure if he even knew how.

"It was lovely, wasn't it?" He was all smiles, and she wished he wouldn't have spoken of last night.

"What do you want me tell you?" Something disgusting she supposed. Like his cock had grown bigger since the last time she'd seen it. She sipped her tea. Perhaps a bit sweeter than she liked. Not the way Ian would have made it. Ian knew just how she liked it.

"That we're bloody brilliant together." Rhys was serious. "We should get married."

Sasha rolled her eyes at that. She hated the fact that the idea did sound comforting at the moment.

"But I didn't think you liked the flat." Sasha shrugged. It was small, and he hadn't done a damn thing to help her move in. He'd been off with Frannie, now hadn't he? He'd so put things off so well.

"Its growing on me, you know. I could very much enjoy it with you."

"Its getting a little lonely at Mum's and Dad's, aye?" She stared at him.

"Lets do it, this time, please." He cuddled about her then.

A sly smile perked her lips then. Oh, wouldn't it be pure vengeance to get back at him this way. Make him raise someone else's kid.

"When would you be available for such an engagement?" She watched him wondering when he'd falter and perhaps head for a train. He couldn't be serious.

"How about today. Its all in order, still. I have the paper work, you know." He smiled reaching for it in his back pocket. "Lets go down to the Register's Office. Make it legal once and for all."

Sasha just smiled. "You're sure you haven't been drinking a shandy are two in your tea cup, now have you?"

"Please, Sash, lets do it. I love you. I always have. I promise I'll do my best this time." He took her tea then and set it aside.

Sasha smiled as he kissed her. She wouldn't believe it until it actually happened.

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cait said...

has she had a memory lapse? Ian is better.