what next

Billy met up with Newt near the seashore but it was in one of the low-budget hostels that barely gave anyone much more than a mattress to call their own.

"I think we have to do some investigating," Newt told Billy.

"Why would we? Its Amy's choice." Billy wished he'd just let it go.

"No it isn't. Its mine too, you know. I'm not handing over my kid to strangers even if Amy thinks she knows them. I just need some more questions answered." Newt was more distant than usual.

"You really think she's telling you the truth?" Billy touched Newt's shoulders while Newt stared out the open window looking out toward the beach in the early nightfall.

"Yes, I know that much is true. And she feels hurt, right now." Newt winced. Billy wrapped his arms around Newt then and rested his chin on his shoulder.

"At least she called you and she wants to see you. Maybe she thinks you two still have a chance." Billy just said.

"Not in hell. And she knows it. She's made me very aware how she feels about us." Newt remained distant.

"She's certainly her wonderful self, now isn't she? Its a shame, cause I liked her more when she was rather simple," Billy said. He got a smile out of Newt then.

He kissed the side of Newt's face then. He'd missed him. And he could see Newt has missed him too when they kissed. They had a lot of catching up to do.


taffy. said...

and catch up, they must!

ellie said...

Oh..I hope she has the baby soon & they get it figured out.

Cait said...

I'm just glad Billy is there for him.