which one

Simon didn't know what to say when Maxie told him the news about Sasha and Rhys.

"She must be on drugs," Simon was sure of it. He was on his cell with Maxie who was on his way to get Ian.

"No doubt." Maxie just said.

"Just what are you expecting to do with Ian?" Simon was curious. "Have you kissed, anymore?"

"Of course not." Maxie acted as if this was no time to bring such nonsense up. After all, his friend was down on his luck and he needed someone to take care of him. He told Simon so.

"But what about Katy?"

"What about her?" Maxie didn't seem amused that Simon would bring her up.

"She comes first, doesn't she?"

It was quiet then and Simon thought perhaps Maxie had lost reception.

"But Ian's always been there for me, you know."

"You're gonna have to make a choice, mate, and you know it." Simon corrected him. "Which one will it be?"


dapper kid said...

I take that silence for Maxie being way more into Katy, but not wanting to admit it!

cait said...

Maxie has got to make up his mind.

ellie said...

I'm glad Simon told him to make a choice.

Anonymous said...

This was really good I am definitely going to have to start from the beginning:)