why had it happened like that

Amy hated to admit when she was defeated. Why had she called Newt at all? Was it this chance that she thought he could..... as he should be with her? How could he even think there was anybody else? There had only been him. And she'd found such comfort then. But not now.

There never would be. Why couldn't it be just him and her and none of this other crap.

He couldn't be gay. He just couldn't be. Maybe it was just one of these personality disorders of his. Coming out. Lapsing, even. But there was Billy to contend with. He treated her like a stranger. He even hated her. And Newt had chosen him over her. How could he?

When Billy showed up at the Albrights, Amy about lost it.

"WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!" She would have ran if she could.

"He wants to help you, he does." Newt squinted back.

"Like hell," Amy flinched. "I hate you both." She didn't feel herself. Instantly. It was if everything was coming to a head now of some kind. A family who wanted her baby and Newt with Billy. And now he'd said there might be complications.

There would be no complication. There wouldn't. Didn't anyone understand that.

"Look, I've just come to take you back to Hollyoaks." Billy pointed out. "Maxie, let me borrow Laleh's car. We'll take care of you, Amy. Really. Josh is worried. Leia even asks of you."

She felt as if she might explode. So much anger inside her. Amy looked at both of them as if they were giving her no choice. Of course, it didn't help that the Albrights suggested she go back with them too.

"Really, you should get checked out." Mr. Albright gave her a pat on the back. She didn't want to listen. She pushed him away.

Suddenly, her stomach tensed, and it felt so enraged at if something else might rock the boat as well.

And then like an eruption of some kind, her water gushed. Amy screamed in more surprise than pain.

"We better get going!" Billy said, grabbing one arm while Newt grabbed the other. They were going to the nearest hospital with her.


ellie said...

Poor Amy. I know she feels left out and I can understand how she feels so hurt...but still...

cait said...

Oh..yes...glad its gonna happen with the baby.