about last night

"Can we talk?" It sounded like a plea to Simon when he heard Maxie's voice.

"Right now?" He was a bit busy between nappies to throw away and kitchen duty. He was racing around the trash bin as it was. There didn't seem to be enough containers for everything. And to think about recycling. Impossible. "What is it?"

"I can't say. Exactly." Maxie felt pressed to. He barely spoke above a whisper.

"Can't you go somewhere where we can talk?"

"I dunno."

"Try the loo, mate." Simon sighed as he waited for him to get there on his cell. "Now tell me, what have you done?"

"I'm afraid you'll hate me." Maxie finally said. He still didn't talk to loud.

"I won't." Simon told him. "I promise."

"But you will."

Simon chewed the inside of his cheek thinking what this could be. He knew. He could see it coming, really. Not that he was psychic, but he knew it was about.

"Are you all right?" Simon sighed.

"I dunno." He murmured.

"Well, did you at least use protection?" Simon wanted to know.

"Um, yeah." He then said, but took his time in admitting.

"I don't believe you." Simon snapped. How could he not have used protection? Bugger! He thought.

"Don't crucify me, mate." Maxie sucked in a breath.

"Sorry, but- I can't stress how important that you need to look out for yourself, and Katy too if you keep this little game up." Simon couldn't help but worry.

"It was a mistake." Maxie told him.

"But it still happened." Simon reminded him.

"Yes." Maxie could barely say another word. "Look, I have to let you go."

"Do you want me to come over?"


"If you need me, just know I'll be there." Simon had to say before Maxie hung up.


Mimi said...

I love the way you write! it keeps interesting me!

e.l. said...

simon is a good friend.

cait said...

I hope Maxie will talk more to Simong