as if

Simon set there listening to Colin. It was a first, he guessed. He'd came over to the house. He needed to talk to simon about Kelsy.

"I'm not saying she's faking anything, but-"

"What do you mean? I know the marriage is fake." Simon shrugged. He wasn't offering the man anything. No tea time for him.

"No, it isn't!" Colin squinted.

"Well, spill it. You've come all this way for something, haven't you?" Simon was a bit disgruntled that he'd have to put up with him, but if he must, he would.

"She seems to think she's going to have another baby."

"Another one?" Simon scowled.


"Very funny," Simon rolled his eys at that one. "How did she come up with that?"

"She says she's six months younger than Cecil, and she thinks it could happen to her. What ever it was that happened to her mother."

"You mean, she was a twin?"

"No, she swears she isn't," Colin shook his head. "Pardon my graphic animal husbandry, but according to her Aunts. Her mother had a double uterus."

"The word sounds painful to me." It made Simon squirm a bit.

"I thought it might." Colin nodded. "So would you want to go with us to find this out for sure."

"They wouldn't exactly do exploratory surgery or the like on her, now would they?"

"Its more of an assurance that she's all right. To let her know she's fine. And there is just the one baby to worry about." Colin told him.

Simon shook his head. "All right, if I won't be in the way."

"Maybe you can talk some sense into her. I'm kind of stuck with the possibility it could be true." He shrugged.

"So that's how it works? You, the full-time cheerleader all the time?" Simon smirked. God, he was happy he didn't have that job.


Summer said...

just linked your simon and josh blog at my site. thanks! :D

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Summer said...

do you have plans of publishing this?

Ivyoaks said...

do you have plans of publishing this? hahahah..I wish, but its a form of fan fic really, only simon & the oaks or more of my characters than the show's characters and well..I doubt it. It is fun to write, and I might have never came about the characters if I hadn't started the ivyoaks fan fic initially. Of course, I find it very hard to find a really good 'gay' story. I won't say romance, exactly. I do like the Rainbow High YA series, but many of the things I do read feel like they came out of a text book, sometimes.

Cait said...

that's sweet that Colin talked to Simon about Kelsy.

ellie said...

Trying to figure out Kelsy would take two.