auto pilot

This couldn't be possible. Sasha saw it herself on the sonogram screen. The doctor was bumping up her due date. She was in a state of shock. Had she actually married her baby's father? This was Rhy's baby.

She hadn't exactly told him about the baby yet. It just hadn't come up. Perhaps, she was avoiding it.

Rhys had been so attentive, lately. As if he had to be a good boy, or he might not get a treat. He might not have a place to sleep if he didn't behave himself.

Sasha was sad about the idea of having Rhys' baby. But then again, she felt a we bit closer to Frannie even if she wasn't having her brother's baby. At least they would be sort of related. Both of their babies had the same father. Of course, the thought disgusted her a little. How did she get herself in these predicuments?

She didn't want to ever be in a fix like this again. And yet she was Rhys' wife, and she was going to have his baby. Well, he needed to know. She couldn't keep it from him any longer.

"Don't you want some snap shots to share with your husband?" The nurse handed her an envelope of the little sonogram pictures.

"Of course." Sasha felt as if she'd had her fill for the day. It would just be awkward. The explaining. The look on his face. A part of her wanted to catch the next train out of here, but she was going home. She had to stop running away.


ellie said...

Oh, its kind of a nice surprise...isn't it.

Cait said...

shocker, yet a good thing.