the beat of things

Billy felt he'd deserted Newt somehow with work piling on. It seemed Colin was expecting a lot out of him these days down at the pub.

"People like you," Colin told him. "And if that's what they want, I'm all for giving you to them."

"Don't make me sound like a prostitute." He hardly called himself a bartender as it was. And now, Colin expected him to play acoustic guitar a good four hours out of his shift at night. He'd had enough. He wanted to stay home with Newt.

"But I have my hands full as it is." Newt had told him with his revisions, work at the library and with baby Liam.

"Well, its just not fair." Billy winced.

"Is anything ever fair?" Naturally, Newt seemed to have a handle on it more so than Billy who was beginning to think he was chained to the Black Cat. Billy hardly had the strength to stay awake after a long day at work. Of course, Newt was no better.

"Will it always be this tough?" Billy wondered while he was in bed with Newt, thinking this would be a great time to turn each other on, but Liam seemed to have a knack of knowing just when that might happen.

"Don't dwell on it." Newt whispered in Billy's ear. "You're doing great."

"Me?" Billy knew he wasn't. If anyone was doing great it was Newt.

"You're sure you're not on something, luv?" Billy could feel Newt's touch nestle him.

Newt almost laughed. He kissed him before Billy could think of another thing that annoyed him. It was like Newt to take him somewhere else. Not to be bothered by the here and now, but some far off place where it was just the two of them.

Billy breathed in Newt who nudged them on to the brink of sensations of each other blanketed by a lull of happiness. Just Newt's smile was a ray of sunshine. It wasn't often he showed it.

Just then, Billy heard the baby. He was sure Newt would go, but he didn't. Instead they laid with each other and went on with their love. And when they were finished, they both went to check on Liam across the room, and there he laid sleepy eyed and curled up in a nap.


ellie said...

'don't make me sound like a prostitude..' that cracked me up. Gotta love Newt.

Anonymous said...

i've gotta agree with ellie that line was HILARIOUS:)

the oaks said...

You're so bad.