family matters

It was just going to be strange moving, again. And with Rhys. Sasha didn't really have a say in it.

Rhys was making plans with Maxie on what was available. She felt somehow out of the loop about it. She wanted to call Frannie about it, but she didn't. Perhaps she needed a surprise. Perhaps she was suppose to act indifferent.

"I thought she was your best friend?" Lauren was pleased that they might be moving into the boarding house since she already lived there with Fletch.

"Its not going to bother you, now is it, that I'm with Fletch?" Lauren questioned her more.

"No, he's Rhys's cousin after all." She shrugged.

"And you know, Ian's there too." Lauren's words made her numb. She hadn't seen Ian since she told him about the baby.

"I forgot about that," she finally said. "But I'm really happy for you and Fletch, you know."

"Thanks." Lauren helped her make dinner then. "So this is working out well, with you and Rhys?"

"I think." She still felt in a bit of shock.

"Sasha Ashworth, still can't believe it." Lauren laughed.

"Me, either." Sasha tried to smile about it too.

"It'll be different this time, you'll see." Lauren said hopeful. Sasha wasn't sure she was ready for different. Funny, how one can get in a rut, she thought. There was a time she wanted what her mother had with her Dad, but that wasn't perfect either. After all, Lauren was just her half sister.

"I think you should call Sunny, tell him the news. Maybe he'll come and visit." Lauren told her.

"You really want to see our brother, the one you hardly know? You don't even speak to your real brother as it is."

"So." She shrugged. "You and Sunny were close."

"Not that close." She kept even lipped.

"He's family." Lauren explained. "If you call him then I'll get together with brother."

"Yeah, I'd like to see that." Sasha smirked.

"Just because we aren't close to Dad doesn't mean we can't be close to our brothers." Lauren shrugged.


maxxie and tony said...

It would be interesting to have sunny around.

Mimi said...

Interesting.. Not quite sure what will happen next:P

e.l. said...

It will be good to have Sunny back.