in the mix

Simon was thankful he didn't see Kelsy at the concert at the Black Cat. He couldn't imagine where she'd be. Hopefully, out of the building. Maybe on holiday somewhere.

While he was searching for her he found Maxie in the crowd enjoying the show. He made his way over and stood by him, slowly getting into the grove. He so wished he'd brought his ear plugs. True, he was getting too old for this lifestyle.

"I find it a bloody good time!" Maxie screamed over the music at Simon who thought he got what he was saying.

"You came because of Ian?"

"I came to listen to the band!"

Simon just nodded. He wanted to believe him. He really did, but he looked at Ian then back at Maxie. He wished he knew what was really going on .

About that time Josh came over and put his arm around Simon. Well, there was so much he couldn't do now with Josh around, he supposed. He'd just have to let it go. Hopefully, Maxie knew where he belonged and it wasn't with Ian.

Josh wanted to dance. Simon hesitated. Finally, he gave in. Here goes nothing, he thought, hoping they didn't end up in the mosh pit.


Anonymous said...

this was good:)

ellie said...

Hahahaha...simon...get nervous over the funniest things.