its gonna be a riot

Newt was a little out of his element when Billy wanted him to come to Lauren's concert at the Black Cat. They hadn't been alone in ages. Sasha was seeing to Liam.

"Dunno if this is me, you know." Newt hated the fact that he was here at the pub with him.

"Sasha said she wasn't up to coming. Besides, she going to have a baby. Perhaps she needs the practice. She even has Rhys at the house with her, and lets not forget Leia who'll look after all of them." Billy put his arm around Newt. They had to show as much support to Lauren and the band as they could.

"That's the part that scares me," Ian sighed. "Didn't he look a bit under the weather to you. You don't think he's coming down with the flu, do you?"

"Rhys is fine. I think he's still in shock about being a father." Billy went and got them drinks.

"Just juice for me." Newt told him.

"All right," Billy did as he asked. "We're gonna say we knew them before they made it big, mate."

"Of course we are." Newt wanted to sit down. No way was he standing during this entire concert. His luck he'd have somebody dance on the table before the evening was over.


blue hearts said...

yeah, kind of like always having the drunk girl dance right in front of you at the concert. Never fails.

Lonnie said...

cool, glad they can go out as a couple.

Cait said...

Dancing on the table..hmm..it could happen.

what we needed said...

Lets hope Billy and Newt won't find trouble.

dapper kid said...

Oh my, I wonder if Rhys really is ill. And haha, you know its going to be a good night if there's a chance of dancing on the tables!

Leon said...

I'm glad Newt & Billy have some time together.

sid n violet said...

thanks so much.