more than old wives talking

Colin got the impression the whole concert had depressed Kelsy who didn't seem herself. She'd stayed away at her Aunts flat on the top floor. Slowly they were moving in as slowly as her Aunts were moving out. As it was, they'd gone on holiday with a few of their army buddies from the states. They'd decided to go to Spain to entertain them.

"At least we have this?" Although, he preferred their room to this antique haven of old clocks and strange sculptures.

"I hate it." She was straight with him on that part as she toyed with a Victorian figurine, almost dropping it. It took it from her and put it up high. He kissed her then as if she need not to think about being here.

"I'll change it. I will." They went out the roof top then for some fresh air. It could be a lovely place for parties. As it was just a vegetable garden.

"I don't see how," she sounded so hopeless. "You're hardly here as it is."

"I'll change that too." Really, he needed a partner who was more help than part-time bartenders needed a place to crash.

"You should be down there, watching the show." She sighed as he came around her and hugged her from behind as they watched the stars.

"Don't want to, I'd rather be here with you." He whispered in her ear.

"What if they bust up the place, aye?"

"That's not going to happen." He told her, kissing her neck. "Now if it were you down there screaming your way and having your way with that band, then I'd think it possible."

He knew he made her smile then. She brought his hands around to her stomach so he could feel the baby move.

"What if I had two babies instead of one?" She shocked him then.

"What?" Was she mental, he thought with a laugh. "That can't be."

"But what if there was one of Simon's and one- one of yours, as well." She nodded.

"Well, this is the Black Cat, and thousands of times I've wondered if those aunts of yours were witches and on their last life, but you are no feline. You can not give us a litter." He glared back at her then as if this was just nonscense.

She smiled mysteriously then.

"Something is different, that's all." She told him.

"How so?" He came around to take a listen as if that would help. All he got was a nudge instead.

"I can't explain it." Kelsy sighed. "It just seems true to me."

"You can't wish these things." Colin looked up at her.

"What if I told you Cecil is only six months older than me." She gave him a dead stare.

"Well, I think someone has possibly been telling a strange tale of some sort." Colin gave her a slight smile.

"But its not an old wives tale. It happened. Cecil was born first, all huge, more stones than anyone wants to believe and then there was me, so tiny, a few months later. Mum didn't even know. She had me in the loo at the Black Cat." Kelsy remembered.

"It isn't logical."

"It can happen." She was honest.

"I suppose," he said wondering if he was suppose to look this up in a weird science book. "What do you want me to do?"

"Believe me." She squeezed his hand then.

"All right." It was the least he could do.


Anonymous said...

the last part really was great:)

cait said...

That is kind of funny about Kelsy being just 6 months younger than Cecil..and would be even more interesting if she is pregnant with two babies...and one being simon and one being his. Talk about being a feline..one would really wonder about her family.

But its nice to know that he really loves her, too.

ellie said...

Oh..Kelsy. How interesting.

dapper kid said...

Say whaaa? Six months, maybe she was premature rather than being twins? It would be pretty amazing if they had twins :)

sid and violet said...

That is a funny story about Kelsy and Cecil..wonder what could happen?

Maxxie and Tony said...

that really is a funny Kelsy story.