a new phase

Colin was glad to see Kieron, especially when he said he would take the position of the Black Cat.

"I don't see why anyone would complain," Colin told him. "You're as good as a Father around here."

"Only I'm not a priest anymore," Kieron told him.

"But some of them won't know, they'll just call you father, would you be comfortable with that?" Colin asked him point blank.

"It won't be problem."

"Just what I want to hear," Colin smiled. "I appreciate this, you don't know what this means to me, having you take over the pub. It'll give me more time to see what I can do about the menu. I'm sick of these American foods, we have to get back to true pub fare. A good hearty stew, shepherd's pie, fish and chips."

"You really are planning to out do the Dog, now are you?" Kieron just smiled.

"I have a few ideas. The Black Cat underground."

"Sounds promising, what is it?" Kieron was puzzled.

"Well, since Kelsy's brother really is due part of this establishment, it'll be a venue for local bands, who knows, we might get some American bands now and again. Depends on Cecil's connections I suppose and well, still there is a lot to be desired in that basement. But it could work." Colin found himself wanting to talk more about his plans for the Black Cat. He was sure he would tire Kieron of it. "But you'll be managing the bar. I'm not sure who all will be here this summer to help you. I'm hoping all the help won't be away entirely. But we've got Billy and Ian. Those two pick up as many shifts as possible." Colin sighed and dug in his pocket for the keys. "One for the pub and one for your flat upstairs." Colin handed them over. "Anyone coming with you?"

"Just Ste," Kieron nodded.

"Ste." Colin didn't even question it. He was far from the bloke that Colin used to know. In fact a bit of simple man. Colin hoped he stayed that way. "Well, come tomorrow you'll be managing the pub."

Colin just hoped Kieron didn't let him down.


blue hearts said...

Its good seeing Kieron doing something.

cait said...

You go Kieron. Glad Cecil will be doing something at the black cat too.

e.l. said...

Big plans for the Black Cat!

sid and violet said...

Sounds like some new changes for the best.

Mimi said...

Go Go kieron!