the notion

"Shouldn't we do something nice for Rhys?" It was on Josh's mind. Although, there was much to do with baby Liam and work and everything. The place stayed in a bit of chaos, but of course, Simon was on top of it with the vacuum.

"Must we?" He wasn't impressed with the idea of throwing any sort of party.

"Just a pantry shower, that wouldn't put us out much, now would it?" Josh winced as he was trying his best to get laundry folded with Liam nearby to watch in his swing.

"Yes, of course it would." Simon looked at him as if he didn't want to discuss it another moment. "Do you think Rhys would even think of giving a gift to Liam or Newt or any of us, for that matter."

"But this is Sasha we're thinking of."

"Sasha," Simon sighed. "Well, that's what she gets with the likes of Rhys."

"But he's my brother. I have to do something. I must." Josh shrugged.

"You're sweet like that, unlike your brother," Simon said as he put the vacuum away. "Just what do you have in mind?"

"Nothing big."

"It best not be." Simon picked up Liam then. He needed a nappy change.

"Who should come?"

"Your Mum and Dad and us."

"That's not a party." Josh looked at him.


"Don't make this any harder than it should be, luv. We just want a nice sit down and presents." Josh told him.


"Why not? I should ask her sister and Dad. Katy and Maxie?"

"Not Ian." Simon gave him a stern look then.

"What of Kelsy and Colin?" Josh shrugged.

"What of them?" Simon tickled Liam tummy as he got him into his jumpsuit once again.

"Well, should we?"

"All right." Simon rolled his eyes. He supposed he'd have to get used to it. They were a part of his family. Although, he just felt like the third wheel ready to be mended. At least now, they'd have to get used to his significant other.


cait said...

Oh..that very unlikely 3some..simon, kelsy and colin.

Mimi said...

Did you write this? its very cute

Mimi said...
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ellie said...

gotta love Simon.

Anonymous said...

i like the line about the wheel being mended:)