one of those kind of things

"What?" Kelsy looked at Colin that he better keep his qualms to himself. "You know he has to be there." She sighed as if she hated the fact that Simon would be there.

"I haven't a problem." They were afterall relaxing on the couch watching the tele. Finally. Really, it felt he lived and breathed that wretched pub, night and day. Not a moment's peace to themselves.

"You know he'll be a pain about the entire occasion." She thought of him by Colin's side. The both of them watching a screen waiting to see a nose and other body parts to make out in a puddle.

"I doubt that," Colin rubbed her feet and it was pure heaven. She could hardly hold her eyes open. "He's quite serious about this, you know."

"Of course, have I not noticed?" She yawned then. "He says we need documentation."

"Documentation?" Colin just smiled.

"Yes, pictures." She couldn't phantom the pictorial in her condition. It would become ghastly, but Colin smiled more.

"He does have a point. A scrapbook, you know, before and after." He told her as he kneeded the bottom of her feet.

She pulled a face then.

"I'll get out my camera right now and get started." He got up then to fetch the thing.

"Not your camera phone!" Her eyes lit. She didn't want anyone catching a look at her baby bump.

He just smiled.


Actually, he had a rather nice 35 milmeter camera. "I'll develope the fotos myself. If that would make you feel more at ease Besides, black and white captures the essences much more brilliant."

He opened the lens and focused on her.

"Now get your clothes off." He informed her.

She was liking this idea more and more.


ellie said...

hahahaha..that was funny at the end.

cait said...

Kelsy would.

simon n josh said...

Glad I could make you laugh Ellie.

dapper kid said...

How lovely to have the photos as a record, and lol why not have a naughty ending?

Anonymous said...

how cool:)

vorega badalamenti said...


nice to know you =p
thank you for your comment darl.. =)
you're a great writer