the other side

Possibly, Sasha had been wrong about Rhys. Was it possible he was wanting to turn over a new leaf? Or just get in there and stomp a bunch of leaves instead and find himself tripping over himself.

Well, she wasn't going to make a big deal about it. He wanted to stay with her and of course, Leia and Liam.

"Are you really Uncle Josh's brother?" Leia eyed him right away.

"Yes, I really am."

"But you never come over for Sunday brunch," she told him. "Shouldn't you?"

"Possibly," Rhys shrugged. "But I sleep in on Sunday."

"That's why we have brunch."

Sasha almost laughed.

"We'll try to make it soon, all right, luv?" Sasha told her.

"You always do." Leia smiled to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek then went to check to see if Liam was still sleeping.

"Do you?" Rhys pulled a face.

Sasha nodded.

"Where was I?"

"Probably, asleep somewhere." She didn't want to argue. She was finished with that.

He just sighed.

"Sorry," he said ever so quietly.


"You heard me, you know what I mean, I'm a prat, a prick, take your pick." He hugged himself then, there on the couch. "I don't know how I can ever make it up to you or ever gain your trust. But I'm serious this time. I mean it. And I don't think raising a babe over the pub is the answer."
"Really?" She squinted a bit wondering what he was getting at.

"I don't want you being a barmaid. No not ever." He winced.


"If we're starting a family, we have to move out of that place." He told her.

"Where would we go?" She watched Leia get out crayons and paper. Leia made a picture at the coffee table.

"Not sure." Rhys sighed. "How about The Oaks?"

"I dunno." Frannie would be there. Was that it? "What if Frannie doesn't move out? She and Cecil are really close. She lives there."

"And?" He seemed rather mute when it came to Frannie.

"And, won't that bother you?" She looked back at him then.

"No." He said quickly. "If she was never going to tell me, then I should act as I don't know."

"But you do know. About the baby." She reminded him.

"I guess." He was quiet again. "I won't mention it. Don't mention it. She seems fine without me knowing, evidently."

Sasha went to check on baby then. She looked back at Rhys, wondering just how long he could stay boring. She supposed it might be a chance to find that other side of Rhys.


ellie said...

maybe he's settling down.

sid n violet said...

I like the new Rhys. Lets hope it sticks.

cait said...

This would be cool if Rhys does turn over a new leaf.