Kelsy wasn't sure what to tell Simon when she saw him out at the shop.

"I want to go," he said again. "Its my right to be there for the sonograms. Isn't it?"

"I suppose." It felt as if they were already making arrangements for the baby before it even got there. Now he insisted on going to appointments. "Just try not to tell the doctor what he's doing wrong." She scowled a bit, noticing he could see her stomach had grown.

"I suppose Colin is documenting all of it, isn't he?" He pulled more canned formula for Newt's baby into his basket.

"Documenting? Like a film?" She glared at him then.

"Pictures. You should be taking pictures each month to see the progression." He informed her.

"Only you'd think of that." She snapped back, thinking she was really starting to show now and there was a waddle in her walk.

"Many couples do so in order to make a stronger bond between them and the baby." He looked at her as she should have no trouble bonding with Colin over the baby.

"Right," Kelsy just said. He was making her sleepy. She couldn't help but yawn.

But then her stomach wiggled. Simon stared more intensely. She finally took his hand and placed it on her stomach so he could feel the baby kick. She had never seen him more happy. And his smile made her happy too. She really hadn't expected this... so much togetherness.

"You can meet me there Monday morning at the clinic, can't you?" Kelsy then said.

"Positively." Simon beamed with enthusiasm.


dapper kid said...

How awkward! But at least Simon gets to be a part of it :)

ellie said...

That's good he got to feel the baby kick. =D

Cait said...

Simon's gonna make a great Dad if given a chance.