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Simon met Kelsy and Colin in the waiting room. It was all rather subdued. Yet it remained awkward. Colin had his arm around Kelsy, and she peered at Simon across from her as if he should go away. Naturally, he was reading a book of Byron's poetry and acting as indifferent as ever. One would think with his head so into the book, he'd be tested on it while Kelsy got her sonogram.

"Its good that you could make it," Colin then said, but he was stroking Kelsy's hair all the while as if anyone would know who he was in the relationship.

"Yes, I appreciate it, very much to include me." Simon remained rather even lipped as if he was only an observer here among the other pregnant women. He and Colin were the only males in the waiting room.

Finally, they were sent to the room where the sonogram would take place. It was crowded with the three of them and the nurse, but the show went on. It was quite intense as Simon waited with all the noise of the baby's heart beat. It felt as if they were looking into the sea on screen. And suddenly, there it was.

Simon smiled instantly. He thought he might faint. He was going to have son. It was a so sudden. He felt so happy and yet sad because he remembered then. Kelsy had wanted a girl.

"You aren't going to resent him, now are you?" Simon wanted to know.

"How could you think such crap?" She fretted while they washed off the jelly from her belly.

"I thought you had your heart set on a girl." Simon hugged himself then.

"Why would you say such a thing?" She scowled.

"You have to be happy that the baby is healthy, you know." Simon told her.

"I am." Her yelp sounded like a scream to him.

"Good." Simon couldn't think of anything more to say. He hated the fact how they both found the need to stomp out the other's thunder. He hadn't meant to upset her. He excused himself then. Really, all Kelsy needed was Colin, he supposed. But he had a son, and Simon couldn't wait to share that with Josh.


elliestories said...

I think this is great! How sweet!

fan fic said...

I'm glad this is happening. Naturally.

kate and ellie said...

Just in time for mother's day!

ellie said...

At least they are civil.

Cait said...

I think Simon will be the best Dad.