side tracked

"I dunno," Josh shrugged as he was about to help Rhys and Sasha move out of their flat into the boarding house. "I'm beginning to think you and Colin could be best mates now."

"I'm not." Simon looked at him as if he were crazy to think it.

"Ha ha," Josh grinned. He had to tease him a little. "You know you liked that he came by to tell you what was up with Kelsy."

"Maybe." Simon didn't smile about it though. "It was the right thing to do. Imagine, her having my child and his too?"

"It might make the news, mate?" Again, Josh couldn't help but tease him. He kissed Simon then as if he meant not to trouble him. Funny, he didn't feel like helping his brother at all, but staying with Simon as he kissed him more. Deep kisses that he was glad he was with him and no one else. So what if it was late afternoon, minutes from tea time, Josh had something else in mind and he pressed against Simon. It was fasinating to him that he could still find these moments with him. It wasn't tedious in the least. Brilliantly, it felt like the very first time.

Of course, that was a bit clumsy. At least now they knew each other quite well as they laid in bed together just making out for the most part. Josh loved the weight of Simon's thick hair at his finger tips. Really, he must have had the best hair in hollyoaks. Whether it was lightened by the sun or darken by the winter, it was always gorgeous.

"Don't we have vacation time coming?" It finally accured to Josh.

"What of it?" Simon shrugged, giving Josh a back rub.

"We have to go somewhere, don't you think?" Josh closed his eyes, satisfied with Simon kneading his tense shoulders.

"Maybe." But Simon didn't sound to sure of it.

"We are. We must!" Josh turned to him and smiled. "A real vacation. Just the two of us. No one else."

"Possibly." Simon guessed it was do-able.

"How about Spain?"

"Closer to home," Simon shrugged.

"Paris, it is then." Josh nodded.

"Paris?" Simon questioned it.

"What? You don't trust me?" Josh winced.

"Of course, I do." Simon turned in to kiss him then. They were wrapped up in each other. Josh wanted to stay this way for as long as he could.


ellie said...

They still got it. hehee..I like that about the best hair in Hollyoaks.

elliestories said...

They are sweet together.

Anonymous said...

Aw they are so cute together.

And as for Veronica she will definitely have something to do later that night.

Cait said...

They need a vacation. I hope they have an adventure.