something old yet something new

All right. The crowd was getting in to the jumping and the pushing and the noise, and Billy loved it. It was grand. He honestly didn't think the pub could rock so. Well, it had been a while. Everything seem to be in such a slow grind lately when it came to work and even play. But for once it seemed as if it was the way it used to be with Newt. Even he was getting into the laughter of it.

"There good!" Newt tried to tell Billy. But he just danced with him. Close. So close. It was great. It was a shock to him. So much laughter in the air and Newt was his splendid self. Billy got them more drinks. There was a thirst. The ale still ice cold. After awhile they had to get out in the spring air to cool off.

"God, I'm tired." Billy said half dizzy. It would take the rest of the week to get his hearing back. "Do you think Colin has this planned out for the rest of summer. Gigs like this every weekend."

"He's your boss. Not mine." Newt drank at his ale.

"Well, I'd never have this kind of crowd," Billy was somber then. "On my nights. Its pretty low-key with the old timers."

"But they still listen. Low-key isn't all that bad." Newt nodded.

"I know, but um-"

"You want to be a rockstar." Newt gave him a pat on the back. "Maybe you could open for Ian."

"I dunno." Billy had to admit he sort of liked the idea. Perhaps he could try something knew than these ballads he got through every night of the week, or so it seemed.

"You know, you wanna," Newt looked at him.

Billy just smiled. They kissed then, and it felt even more exciting to be there and together as the music played on, and they made out in the alley.


Anonymous said...

i liked the end:)

and i don't know, an episode is free on itunes so i might check it out. u?

cait said...

Oh..that would be cool if gets with the band but who'll be at the dog?

Ivyoaks said...

You mean the black cat? Don't you? well, I have an eye on a few to take Billy and Ian's place. Perhaps Kieron since he's not a father anymore in my fan fic.

sid and violet said...

No matter what keep Newt & Billy together.