Newt was back at school now, but he felt so uneasy leaving Liam in the nursery. Although there was a nurse and plenty of child care providers around.

"You'll let me know if he's sick, won't you?" He felt awful leaving him. Really, it had been a fine time the last few weeks just laying around the house with Liam letting him sleep on his chest. He missed those moments, already. It would be a challenge to get back to the revisions now. Perhaps he'd have to start all over. He didn't want to do that, either.

"Why, of course," the matronly lady had said. All the precautions were made. Their matching bracelets were snapped on. One for Newt the other for Liam. "We are highly secure." She pointed out.

Newt just nodded and knew he had to get on with it even though he didn't want too. He kept staring at baby Liam behind the glass. He missed him, already. As he turned to go down the hall to classes, it crept up on him that he was truly lost without Liam. He didn't know which way to go.

"Cheer up, mate," Lauren gave him a pat on the back. "Surely, you'll manage through the day won't you?"

"I know. But there are the days ahead," he sighed. Each one came with new opportunties as well as obstacles. How in the world would he ever manage? Suddenly, he felt the urge to run back and see Liam one last time, but instead, Lauren looped her arm around him.

"Come on," she smiled. "He'll be fine. He will."

Newt just nodded, sadly.

"You'll come watch us, won't you, at the Black Cat. We'll be brillant. Promise." She flashed a smile then all giddy about the band being back as it was.

"Doubtful." He felt so cold now. Frigid even, but Lauren's warmness helped him along as they slipped into class before the last bell rang.

"I'll make you a mix. Cecil has a sound recording date, but we can do just as well with his lap top at the record shop." She then suggested.

"Good." Newt thought he was about to panic, but she grabbed his hand quickly, before the jolt of the teacher's ruler became unbearable. He looked up at Lauren. He hadn't needed her in a very long time.


just a moment said...

what are the chances Newt would ever get back with Lauren? ahhaahahaha...

the oaks said...

You know how much I love Newt!

cait said...

ooh ..humm..wonder what's next.

Anonymous said...

ok i will start reading this one for now on:)

elliestories said...

I like Newt more and more.