that other thing

What was this, Josh was telling him now? Rhys listened to him mention the dinner party for him and Sasha. But did he say something about Sasha's pregnancy?

"Hold up? What was that again?" Rhys winced. He was trying to work here at the student pub.

"You won't have to do a thing. We'll take care of everything," Josh smiled.

"No, not that, that other thing, about Sash?" Rhys gave his brother a good look over.

"The baby?"

"What baby?" Rhys blinked.

"You didn't know? Who doesn't know about that, Rhys?" Josh slapped him happily on the back then. "I thought that was the whole point of this marriage."

"No." Rhys looked stunned. "That was not what it was about. I need Sasha in my life. All right. Don't you get that I love her."

"Precisely, and you want to be the father to her baby." Josh nodded taking his lager then to sip.

"Baby? What the fuck are you talking about?" Rhys shook his head.

"You haven't noticed?"

"No." They'd had sex last night and this morning. How could he miss something like that? It was dark, maybe. He guessed. He didn't remember.

"I think you need to pay attention more to your shagging, dear brother." Josh gave him an impish grin.

"This is not funny, Josh." Rhys shook his head.

"Cheer up, you're getting a party for fuck's sake. Don't spoil it, man." Josh sighed.

Rhys nodded. Definitely, something he wanted to avoid.


dapper kid said...

Woah, that is insane!

Mimi said...

Very good!! Love the way you write

ellie said...

This was funny..it would be like Rhys to never know what was going on.