about time

Things were finally coming together for the Black Cat Underground. Cecil had the lightening in place. The stage was set. A sound check ready.

"All we need are people." Cecil told Kieron who was managing the Black Cat.

"Well, I have a new bartender, would he do?" He motioned for Alfie to come over. "Perhaps he could be of assistance. We haven't quite broke him in yet, and he looks fresh enough to handle whatever might come his way."

"You think?" Cecil looked Alfie over. "You used to the clubs."

"Yeah, I guess." Alfie shrugged.

"Anything about sound systems?" Cecil questioned. Alfie nodded.

"Every night?" Cecil gave him a look that he needed someone loyal.

"I suppose I could." Alfie nodded.

"Well, I have someone DJing who knows the clubs quite well. Just can't always depend on him, completely. But hopefully he'll be around soon to help out with downstairs." Cecil told him.

"Who might that be?" Alfie was interested.


"Spike?" Alfie winced not sure if was the same as Newt spoke of.

"You look as if I speak of ghost," Cecil grinned. "You have a problem with him?"

"No, no I just have heard of him." Alfie remained even lipped.

"Don't let his reputation get to you," Cecil laughed. "He's a harmless puff."

Alfie just nodded as if he really wasn't in any hurry in meeting him.


cait said...

Things are looking up for Alfie.

cady said...

Ha. I like Cecil.

Anonymous said...

Haha, he's a harmless puff made me laugh.

sid and violet said...

I doubt he gets along with Spike...but he's a nice guy.