fancy that

"I'm beginning to think you're following me." Alfie couldn't quite believe it. Was it Amy? Right here at the shops near the Black Cat.

They'd met at a party not so long ago. She was a bit of a sour puss, but she'd warmed up that night. It was nice. She looked great and well, one thing had led to another, and they'd spent the night together.

Of course, she would remember. He could hear her giggling, already. It was quite stimulating to say the least, as he thought on it now. It had been a one off, but a shag he wasn't to forget. It was on the beach. Possibly one of his best moments of summer.

"Fancy meeting you here," Amy was a tease. "I had no idea you even knew this village existed."

"Same goes for you." He nodded. It felt so unusual. Perhaps it was a sign of things to come. "I'm hanging out with a mate. Nothing special." Why should he bring up the real reason why he was here? "And you?"

"My little sister." She sighed. "I have to visit her."

"Just how little is she?" Alfie wanted to know.

"A baby, actually, its like she's this Wendy in a home of lost boys." Amy told him.

"Lost boys?" Alfie winced.

"Its a bit of a sad situation for her. My father never believed she was his. Seems my boyfriend at the time was messing around with Mum. And need I explain it to you? He's a puff as well, and now he and his significant other have her, and to make ends meet they have another gay couple living with them. I'm so dreading it. But I promised I'd visit. Its the least I could do." She batted her lashes at him.

"I'm sure it isn't that horrifying." Alfie sighed. "Gay couples can and do make a wonderful parents, you know. But if you'd like for me to come along. I could do so."

"Would you?" Amy smiled.

"Yeah." Alfie smiled. "Its the least I could do."


e.l. said...

Alfie and Amy..shocker.

Anonymous said...

This was a cool post.

Cait said...

Now that Amy is something. I hope alfie figures her out before its too late.

sid and violet said...

OMG..they already hooked up. Wooo..that is so ..well, something. I mean, I feel even worse for Newt..and she'd just leave him the baby to take care of and go off and have fun.

then that lie she tell him about "her little sister"..haaaaaha

Winnie said...

I wonder what Simon will make of it all?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Toby is really strange, but actually nice once you get to know him.