in the deep end

Alfie couldn't imagine what this bloke was going on about.

As it was, the little blond girl came running into Amy's arms. And she'd called Amy Mummy. He was beginning to think he didn't know Amy at all.

"She always does that," Amy looked at Alfie as if the child called everyone Mummy. Daddy too. It was as if she didn't know the concept.

And then to hear this Billy call out for this Newt. What the fuck was going on?

"This is who I was telling you about," Billy said aloud to this young lad.

Newt said nothing but came down the stairs with the baby and gave Alfie a dead stare.

Alfie remained even lipped as he stared into Newt's dark eyes. They were a lot like Alfie's.

"Hullo, I'm Alfie," he shook Newt's hand. It was a firm grip, but Newt had his hands full.

"Ames, you could have told us you were bringing your boyfriend." Newt looked at her then. "We could have had dinner."

He didn't give Alfie a second look. The baby was crying. He did have his hands full. Alfie just watched him. He couldn't believe it. That was his brother he was watching. He went over then to watch Newt with the baby.

"How old is he?" Alfie wanted to know.

"Almost three months," Newt said. "I don't suppose Amy mentioned him."

Alfie swallowed back the harsh reality that this was Newt's and Amy's baby.

"Oh." Alfie could barely croak. He thought his heart might try to squeeze into his throat then. "He's amazing."

"Probably sick. Ear infection, I'm thinking." Newt wouldn't look at him. "I should go to the hospital with him. Hate to take my chances, you know."

He picked up the nappy bag then and put the baby in the carrier.

"Whats the baby's name?" Alfie needed to know.

"Liam." Newt barely said, gave Billy a kiss good-bye and was on his way to catch a taxi to get to the emergency.


ellie said...

At least Newt does have his priorities straight.

LiscHen said...

thats a fucking great story. I´m lost of words

Ivyoaks said...

Thanks much Lisc. I appreciate it very much.

LiscHen said...

your welcome !!
but it´s a really great story I´d enjoyed the read.

cait said...

Yeah, I agree with Lis. I really like this too.

ellie said...

It'll be interesting to see how Alfie seen Amy now.

sid and violet said...

I like how this is coming along. Write more!

Anonymous said...

looks interesting, can't wait to read more

past love said...

I love Newt.

LiscHen said...

ähm. My weekend was all in all very great. how was your weekend???


LiscHen said...

ähm. My weekend was all in all very great. how was your weekend???