in the family

It was settled. Alfie would go back to Newt's place.

Ian had given him a bit of a pep talk.

"Remember, don't back down. Say your peace, no matter what." Ian had instructed. No matter what.

So there he was at the threshold and who should open the door? Leia.

"Look!" She shouted. "Its Mummy's boyfriend!"

Newt was home with her and the baby.

"Well, look at that," Newt showed him in.

"Where's Mummy?" Leia looked concerned as she lead him to the sofa and then practically sat on him.

"She went back to where she's staying." Alfie told her. "She likes the beach."

"Really? What does she do there?" Leia was inquisitive about the subject.

"Leia, let him alone, will you, he just got here, and he doesn't know everything your Mommy does." Newt glared at her then.

"Its quite all right, ask away about anything." Alfie smiled.

"Believe me, you don't want that. You've asked Alfie enough," Newt said to Leia then. "Perhaps you could set out some cookies your Auntie Sash brought by. We'll have a tea party."

"With real tea, not faking it?" She ran over to him and pulled his face closer to hers.

"With real tea." Newt told her and she sped off to the kitchen then.

"So is he all right?" Alfie wanted to know about Liam.

"Yes, he's fine." Newt didn't even ask if he wanted to hold Liam. He put him right in his arms to cradle. Liam was nursing on his thumb now and sleeping at ease.

"Well," Alfie didn't know where to start. "How do you do it?"

"Do what?" Newt looked at him that it wasn't a very long thought process. "He knows I love him and you just do what comes natural, I suppose."

"I'm not sure I'll be seeing Amy, anymore." Alfie looked at Newt.

"Why not?" Newt winced.

"She's very compulsive, don't you think?" Alfie watched Liam, thinking how could she leave him.

"Quite possible, but you'd being doing me favor," Newt said.

"What?" Alfie winced.

"Um, like a life line, you know. She isn't exactly open with me due to certain circumstances. But if you can, you know, look out for her-"

"Are you trying to tell me after all said and done, you still love her?" Alfie looked at him.

"God, no, but she is Leia and Liam's mother, and-" Newt bit his bottom lip, slightly. "we'd have a reason to keep in touch."

"But what about us? I'm your brother," Alfie said.

"Well, I have one of those already, and we barely keep in touch. I'd rather not even know his where abouts most time. Spike. He's a bit randy, even an idiot at times. He's just my half-brother."

"A half brother? Are you serious?" Alfie had no idea.

"Quite serious." Newt got up to make tea then. "Of course, I get a might resentful. And I'd rather not know you that way if I can help it. So this would work beautifully if you put your mind to it."

Alfie looked at Liam. He understood what Newt wanted. Perhaps family really was important to him, after all. And as it was, this was the only family Alfie had left. But could he do it? Really, pick up where he'd left off with Amy.

Alfie gritted a smile as Leia brought the cookies. Soon after Newt had the tea sitting about at the coffee table. He took Liam from Alfie and put him in his crib. Alfie supposed it was a quaint welcome. Now he just had to deliver on his end of the bargain.


e.l. said...

Interesting how Newt put Alfie on the spot that way...& that he still cares about Amy.

cait said...

I alwyas love Leia. And I really think Newt wants Alfie around.

Anonymous said...

This is getting very interesting with Newt and Alfie.

dapper kid said...

Aww this really did show Newt's caring side for me :) Even after everything he still wants Amy to be well, and I really do think that is admirable. Plus he really is looking out for Alfie.