in or out

"Jeremy is in a terrible way," Josh said while Leia was out chasing butterflies at the park. She'd found her a beau of sorts around her age who was sweet on her, but she was having her way with him, making him chase her.

"What are we suppose to do about it?" Simon looked at Josh about the Jeremy matter. He winced as he sat there enjoying the sun in his shades.

"We could cheer him up." Josh nodded.

"No, you are not cheering him up," Simon looked at Josh then. "I might lose you for good. I don't trust him with you."

"Well, thanks a lot." Josh scowled. "He's my boss."

"Mine, too." Simon scowled back. "Just leave well alone. If he and Jamie have had a row they'll mend it when they see need too."

"Its that threesome they got into." Josh nodded.

"Which aren't as great as they're cracked up to be." Simon sighed.

"When have you ever been in a threesome?" Josh looked at Simon.

"Wouldn't you say Kelsy and Colin would count." Simon eyed Josh.

"Not like that."

"Quit being porographic." Simon looked at Josh over his shades.

"I'm not." Josh squinted.

"At least the Amy thing is very over. I don't think she wants Leia, you know. She's impossible." Simon shook his head.

"She could move back." Josh sighed watching Leia who was now letting the little blond boy hold her hand.

"In with us?" Simon looked at him as if Josh had lost it for good this time.

"No, not with us." Josh sighed. "Have you been listening to anything I've been telling you?"


"I don't believe you."

"So she has this new lover, and what are we suppose to do about that?" Simon looked at Josh who kept his eye on Leia.

"It's Newt's brother who's already wise of her tactics, you know."


"And maybe she might move back just to be with him."

"Oh, goodie." Simon crossed his arms. "And what about Paris?"

"About that," Josh said. "You want to go before or after the baby is born?"

"Before, of course." Simon told him.

"Great, then its settled. We can use the tickets this week." Josh smiled and leaned in, putting his arm around Simon. "We'll have a lovely time, and I don't want that pretty little head of yours worrying about home."

"Ye, with little faith." Simon smirked and kissed Josh then.


cait said...

hahahaha...oh, those two. I think they love each other..very much.

ellie said...

Lets hope Josh stays away from jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Oh Simon and Josh, I do love them.

Anonymous said...

haha yeah i have been

i put more up on the skins blog

taffy. said...

amy being a non jerk AND paris?!