in the park

Billy wasn't sure how pleased he was when he found out about Kieron and Ste moving into the Black Cat.

"Its not like you'll ever see him," Newt shrugged. They were in the park with Leia and Liam, and it was a sunny day for a picnic.

"I know." Billy got out containers of potato salad and roasted chicken.

Newt held Liam so he could look about at the colors on the bright quilt and up at the sky. He was enjoying the day.

"He's not the same bloke, and you know it. He's changed. He hardly speaks now." Newt reminded him. "Those days of last summer are over now."

"All right, I get it." Billy sighed popping a cherry tomato into Newt's mouth. "But what if he wakes up one day and figures out what a wanker he really is?"

"Just don't think about it, will you? He's got Kieron now. It'll be good. It will." Newt nodded. "You have to keep positive."

About that time Leia brought over some daisies she'd picked.

"Look at those beauties," Billy took them and wrapped them in a paper towel. "Uncle Simon will know what to do with these when we bring them home."

"They're for you," she told him.

"I know, but we can all enjoy them," he told her. Billy got her a plate of food ready. He tried not to think about work. He wanted to think of his family and their future. Not the past and how rotten Ste used to be.


e.l. said...

aw, that was sweet.

sid and violet said...

Hopefully, Ste will be new and not so bad anymore.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what happens when ste comes.

Cait said...

That was a sweet moment..I hope Ste has changed.