it might appear

Colin wasn't sure why Jamie wasn't coming around anymore to the pub. He hadn't seen him in days. He usually, made a stop there for a drink everyday. Breakfast or supper.

"So tell me, did you find a new hangout," Colin saw him in the park. It was a kind of funny to see him with a cat on a leash.

"Nope." He shrugged about the matter.

"And who do we have here? Is this what has been keeping you away?" Had he lost the plot? Colin was beginning to think. More than once he'd had Jeremy and Zoe both stopping by to ask him if he'd seen his brother.

Jamie just smiled.

"You think I'm a nutter, is that it?" Jamie gave Colin an impish stare.

"No. No, of course not." Colin didn't know what to think as he sat down on the bench with Jamie.

"This is Axel," Jamie introduced him to his white cat with the brown tiger stripes. "And yes, I've stopped drinking completely, is there anything wrong with that?"

"No." Colin shook his head. He was quite impressed, actually.

"I see things much more clearly, you know." Jamie looked at him. "Some things come to me that have never came to me before."


"Yes, even a thing or two about you." He mysteriously said.

"Like what?" Colin winced.

"Never-mind," Jamie winked. He got up then. Axel was ready to watch the gold fish in the pond.

Colin sat there squinting. What in the hell had gotten in to his brother?


sid and violet said...

Jamie and Axel. What a pair. & now he's not drinking. Interesting.

e.l. said...

What has come over Jamie. Will Colin figure it out

past the point of love said...

Oh, Jamie is sly. Possibly over Coln's head.

Anonymous said...

Jamie and Axel, hmmmm