lets not go there

"If you want to hang on for a bit, the flat could be yours for the summer," Ian said to Alfie. "You know, its convenient to be right here where the work is."

"I suppose, but the Oaks isn't all that far away, you know." Alfie told him who was vegging out in front of the tele with an ale.

"You're right." Ian sighed who downed the rest of his bottle of ale and put it in the recycle bend.

"Besides, lord knows who you might want to bring to your cave after all those gigs happening around." Alfie smiled.

"Yeah, highly unlikely." Ian shook his head.

"I bet there's someone." Alfie nodded.

"Not really." Ian shrugged getting another ale. "I suppose you might have someone."

"Um, I guess. I dunno."


"Its not that easy. I think she's mad." Alfie told Ian.

"But aren't we all just a wee bit, mad?" Ian then said.

"She's a compulsive liar, Ian." Alfie scowled.

"That's because she wants to be who she thinks you want her to be." Ian told him. "Tell her, you don't care about the truth. Yet that's all you want from her. The truth. And if she can tell you the truth. Then see how you feel about her."

Alfie just nodded.

Alfie's cell was buzzing again. Ian just smiled. He knew who was calling. It was time for him to go. He felt more alone than he ever did, but he really didn't mind. Really, he was eager to see where the night might take him.


Cait said...

Ian really is a sweet guy.

Ivyoaks said...

aw...thanks. yeah, he always gets the brunt of so much. he deserves somebody sweet to him. I'll think about it.

dapper kid said...

That might actually be the smartest thing Ian has ever said. Amy seems to have a lot of fake layers which really do need to be broken down.

Ivyoaks said...

Thanks so much for saying that DK. I appreciate it so much. =D

Cait said...

Love the new header.