like they said

Well, Of course, Kelsy knew they were wrong. Doctors. How could she trust them?

There she was back in the dark sonogram room. A jelly belly and everyone eyeing that wonderful little screen, like a live documentary. Simon right next to Colin. God, she gasped. One would think they were the couple now.

All they saw was the baby sticking its toes right at them. He wanted to be left alone. Why had she even brought the second baby up? She knew for sure now they thought she was dilirious, but she knew better. She knew. It was in its own little sack, probably sleeping like an angel.

This one was a right devil, Kelsy thought. Needless to say, it was probably so much more like her than it would ever be Simon. Who was she fooling about this? Just herself?

"Well, are we settled on this now, Kel?" Colin was holding her hand. He kissed it as if perhaps he could make her well of these silly stories she'd been telling about herself, born six months after her brother.

"I suppose I have to be," Kelsy said, but she knew it was a lie. They were going to have a second baby sooner than expected. The expectation was flowing through her veins. It was if she could make it true, somehow. She'd just have to confide in her Aunts about this. They'd know. She was sure of it.

"Good," Colin told her. "Simon brought you a vanilla Frosty from that take-away place we never go too. "

Kelsy could hardly wait to get off the table now. He'd said the magic word. Frosty.

"Well, where in the hell is it?" She couldn't wait to get the oowie gooey mess off her stomach. She was ready for her treat now.


Anonymous said...

Haha, oowie gooey mess:)

Cady said...

HAHA. I liked the ending.

cait said...

Kelsy is so moody, but I like that about her.

e.l. said...

Kelsy is so funny. I like her.

dapper kid said...

Yum, vanilla frosty, haha. How magical for them all to be able to see the sonogram :)