making a home

Ian let Alfie sleep at his place. Somehow, it felt better knowing someone was in the next room. He wasn't sure if he was exactly ready to go solo just yet. Alfie had slept on the sofa while Ian had made do on a bare mattress in the bedroom.

"Really, the place has quite the potential, you know." Alfie suggested a trip to the flee market.

"Right," Ian nodded, trying to look past all the break-ups and what not in his life and trying to kindle a friendship with Alfie.

"Mate, you don't even have tea-kettle." There were no cups for tea, either.

"I was at a boarding house before, and it was quite quaint in the morning, go to the kitchen for toast and jam. All the tea and coffee you could want." It made Ian hungry just thinking about it.

"What made you decide to move?"

"My ex." He left out Maxie. "She was moving in with her husband."


Ian and Alfie went down to the Black Cat for some tea then. It seemed Alfie was set on him making his flat a home. Before he knew it they were down at the market finding him some bedding, a tea-kettle and some dishes.

"I bet you don't even have a pot nor a pan, either." Alfie laughed.

"I have nothing." Ian shrugged so they got that too.

Alfie paid for a good portion of the treasures they found. They could barely tackle all of it home.

"So how long might you be about this search for you brother?" Ian asked after they got back to the flat and Alfie helped him put the bedding on the mattress.

"Dunno. Can't give up. Not just yet." Alfie sighed. "I just want to get to know him, you know. I feel I got the better end of the stick. I guess. Even though, our father was not the best. I think I could at least try to be a good brother."

"If anything else, you're a good mate." Ian gave Alfie a firm handshake. "Don't know how I could repay you."

"Keep at that music of yours. You are getting a tour together, right?" Alfie looked at Ian as if he needed to keep his passion burning.

"I suppose. A wee bit small, but its growing." Ian nodded knowing he needed to get to band practice as it was. "You could come if you like, to the jam session."

"Really?" Alfie liked the idea. At least it gave Ian something to look forward too. He might have a roommate in the making.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, this post made me hungry thinking about it:) and hmm, writing a skins poem isn't a bad idea. Now only if i knew where to start. Did you maybe have any ideas? Like about any characters or what kind of poem?

ellie said...

I'm glad Ian has a friend. He needed one.

sid and violet said...

I'm lov'n alfie!

Mimi said...

Thank god for a friend!

Cait said...

aw, now lets hope he doesn't fall in love with him..ahahaha..

dapper kid said...

How nice of Alfie! I hope he can have a positive influence on Ian :)