not a moment sooner

Newt decided he'd stick around for Amy's visit.

"Well, who knows when she'll drop in." Billy definitely didn't want to leave her alone with Leia. "I'm hating her more every second, Newt."

The place was ready and everything was in tip top shape except Liam was fussy as if he knew she was on her way.

"I hope he settles soon. He's never like this." Newt winced, carrying him about with his head on Newt's shoulder.

"Probably just teething."

"I hope its not a fever," Newt sighed. "Can you tell?"

"Have you changed his nappy?" There was a bit of a stench in the air.

Naturally, Leia was skipping about in her Easter frock that Josh's parents had given her. Her lacy socks turned down so and her bright red Mary Janes clicking.

"Is she here yet?" Leia smiled from ear to ear and practiced her curtsy.

"She called a few minutes ago, luv." Only that had been an hour ago.

Newt went to change the nappy when the door bell rang. He knew he wasn't in Amy's good book. Perhaps he wouldn't even come down with Liam. But it soon changed when he heard voices. Someone was with Amy who hadn't came alone, after all.

"Finally," Billy said.

"Well, I'm here." Amy was all happy to see everyone.

"Its you," Billy grinned looking at Amy's friend. "I've seen you at the Black Cat, and-" He shook his head, "Newt! Get down here, there's someone I want you to meet!"


ellie said...

Poor Liam. I hope he's OK. Hope Newt figures out who Alfie is.

sid and violet said...

oh..the suspense. I hope it'll be good.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, post more please:) i cant live with the suspense!