of course not

Josh was tired from the Rhys and Sasha's move. He was taking a rest on the couch while Leia was putting daisies in his hair.

"Thanks, sweets, that's just what I needed." He was half asleep, but she was keeping him awake, poking a flower in his ear.

"You're fab, now." She shrugged and went off to see what Newt was up to with her little brother.

Just then his cell went off. He saw it was a call from Amy.

"Ames, what's up?" He winced. He couldn't remember the last time he'd heard from her. She was definitely keeping her distance from Newt these days.

"I was wondering how's Leia?" She didn't ask about Liam.

"Great. Growing like a weed." He smiled at her.

"A daisy. I'm a daisy," Leia said.

"She's growing like a daisy," Josh said. "How are you?"

"Bored. Completely."

"What a pity." Josh rolled his eyes.

"I thought I might drop in to see Leia sometime soon, if that's all right?" Amy finally got to the point.

"That's just peachy, you want to talk to Newt about the baby?"

"Do I have to?"

"They're both doing quite well if you don't mind me telling you." Josh sighed.

"Whatever." He could hear Amy's restless voice then.

"Look, I don't want to keep you. Come around soon to see Leia. We'll do our best to keep Newt and Liam out of this, but you might regret it one day. You know, avoiding your son like this." Josh told her.

Amy hung up on him then.

"And a fine day to you too." He gritted, putting his cell away.


ellie said...

"I'm a daisy"..I loved that. Oh that Amy..she's down right mean, I think.

I love the pick of Nico by the way..hehehee...

Lon said...

Aw, Leia. I love it when she's in a scene.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just absolutely loved this post:) and thanks for the advice. I'll pass it along

dapper kid said...

Aww Leia is so cute! Pffft, totally not an Amy fan lol.

Mimi said...

I'm a Leia fan!

blue hearts said...

This was sweet. ..except for Amy.