on the hunt

Ian wasn't so sure he was ready to get settled into Sasha's old place. He saw them at the Oaks so he supposed the flat was his for the taking now. Except, it made him melt into tears when he thought about it so he kept tending bar.

It was there that he heard someone say to him."Don't I remember you?" There was that smile. "You were in the band, right?" The fit bloke scratched the back of his head. "But where else?" He smiled once more. "The bus. That's where I saw you last."


He reached out and shook hands with Ian.

"Look, um, I don't know if you can help me, but um, I'm looking for my brother," he then said very seriously. "I was in here other night looking for him, but your band was playing, and well, I didn't get very far. Its just, I've never met him."

"Who are you looking for?" Ian winced. He couldn't be his brother, he though. Couldn't be.

"His name's Barry." Alfie said.

"Doesn't ring a bell." Ian couldn't help but smile. "I wish I could help, mate."

"I knew it was a long shot." Alfie sighed.

Ian poured him an ale on the house. It was the least he could do.

"So you have a brother you never met before?"

"Yeah, he's younger than me. It seems our mother was with him and our Dad took me, and soon after that I ended up with, me great Auntie. It wasn't until recently, I found out about him." Alfie explained.

Ian listened to his stories of home then. Before he knew it it was the we hours of the morning, and he still didn't want to go home. He just wanted to listen to Alfie instead.


ellie said...

This should be interesting.

sid and violet said...

you changed it up. i do like alfie.

cait said...

That is interesting about Alfie..looking for Barry. I wonder how Ian feels about him? heheee.

Anonymous said...

ooo looks interesting:)

Ivyoaks said...

That's actually Nolan Gerad Funk from Nic's Spectacular. He's Canadian. & I'm sure won't be showing up on Hollyoaks anytime soon(perhaps his music career will take off..strange..his name was Nikko on the show & well I'm sure Nolan wishes his name was Nico). When I saw his pic..immediately I thought Newt and how cool it would be if Newt actually found his real brother..or perhaps the other way around.