one last time

It was settled. Sasha thought it would be fitting to at least have one dinner party in their old place before they left.

"I'll miss having my own kitchen," She told Rhys as she was making dinner for them along with Fletch and Lauren.

"Maxie will probably gladly let you have that big kitchen," Rhys informed her as he watched her prepare the chicken for curry.

Just then Fletch and Lauren arrived. Much earlier than Sasha even imagined.

"I thought I could help," Lauren was all smiles.

"Well, of course." Sasha shrugged.

"I brought some wine," Fletch left on the table, and Rhys had it open in a matter of seconds.

Lauren went to prepare rice as Sasha let the chicken sizzle in the skillet.

Sasha made a quick version, not the slow way her mother used to cook it, but it was just as good and she thought she put in as much love to it as her mother did.

"Well, here's to good health and a wish for happiness." She told them about twenty minutes later when she dished out the meal. "I can only say I hope all will be calm, and we have a sweet future."

They toasted to their move. Then to the band.

"It'll be nice having you two there," Lauren said. "We could have dinners like this all the time."

Of course, Sasha saw that look in Rhys' eye that he might not be up for that kind of thing, but he kept smiling. Lucky, she thought or she might have stomped his foot. What could she do from keeping him so restless?

They ate until they were full then, and the boys went down to the pub for a drink while she and Lauren cleaned up.

"Tell me, do you have many Wiccan books at the library?" Sasha wondered as she washed and Lauren dried.

"Scads, in fact," Lauren shrugged. "Why?"

"Just wondered." Sasha shrugged back. Perhaps she'd take a look. It wasn't that she was into the dark arts, but a kitchen witch spell just might do the trick on Rhys.


ellie said...

oh Sasha, what is to become of her with Rhys?

blue hearts said...

funny what Sasha asked lauren about.

sid and violet said...

Sasha's gonna be a witch? & a pregnant one, too. This should be good =D

Cait said...

cool new header. i like seeing nico with his real hair.