only a kiss

It started with a kiss. Actually. Or so Ian thought. And he wasn't quite sure when it happened now.

He was down in the pub. He was waiting for Maxie to come down stairs. And as he turned there was Jamie at the bar.

Ian saw him smile. He couldn't help but stare at Jamie somehow and like a dream of some kind came a kiss, like a thought as if Jamie had breathed smoke into his mouth. It was so bewitching.

Ian blinked because no words were spoken, and it was as if the room was spinning. Did he see Maxie? Only in the corner of his eye. All he knew that he needed fresh air and that he had to get to the park in time.

And Sasha was there. The sun beating down, but not too much. It really was a beautiful summer's day and butterflies all around. It was like a dream. He was sure of it and yet he thought she might be waiting just for him.

He swallowed back the urge to cry, but a lump lodged in his throat. He couldn't speak.

"I missed you." He thought he heard her say, but maybe she wasn't talking at all. Maybe she thought it, and he believed it. And he knew it then that he could never hate her no matter what she chose to do.

"Its all my fault. I can never do anything right."

He sat down with her on the park bench and just looked at her. Was it possible they could go back to what it was? He didn't see how. And yet he felt at peace now. He really did. And it was only a kiss.


Cait said...

this had such a dream like quality to it. cool.

ellie said...

So Jamie is changing everything..I guess.

cady said...

It was very dreamlike. I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Aww that was sad, how he couldn't even speak.