a push and pull in different directions

Alfie wondered what it was that Newt didn't like about their half-brother, Spike. Of course, Alfie decided he wouldn't mention anything about being a sibling. He'd just have to see this bloke for himself and make his own judgements.

Naturally, he had to help with moving in the library of records. It was enough to keep them busy for hours. Lugging everything in to set up. Really, Alfie thought, couldn't they have this all on an iPod instead. But he guessed not because Spike was in to spinning records. Pretty much, old school to Alfie as he watched.

He seemed happy enough, but Alfie felt he'd been warned somehow by Newt, who at least had let him go with them to the BBQ at the Oaks. It really felt like quaility time with him and the kids. Alfie wanted to keep it that way. Of course, Newt had reminded him to call Amy. Newt said she might forget him otherwise.

Just as Spike was about to make some wild remark about lord knows what to Alfie, his cell went off. It was Amy.

"What are you doing?" Her happy voice was so sing-songy.

"Working," he said. "I have a job now."

"No way." He heard laughter in her voice.

"Yes, the Black Cat is opening a club in the basement." He explained.

She promised she'd come to the opening. "I miss you so much," she said with all the sincerity that Alfie believed to be a lie.

"I miss you too." It was so hard to lie. Honestly, he didn't want to see her again, but it looked like he'd have too.


past the point said...

oh, Alfie..hope these lies won't haunt him.

Anonymous said...

Aw, this made me feel sad.

cait said...

Hmmmm..Alfie..what's he getting himself into.